• amy vanhoy

    Amy is an abstract expressionist painter living in Houston, Texas with her wonderful husband and sweet baby boy, Jack. She studied both Business and Studio Art at The University of Texas in Austin. After graduating college, she embarked on a career in the oil and gas industry while still pursuing art in her spare time.After Jack came into her life, she took the plunge into the world of full-time mom and artist. She likes to be surprised in the studio. A good plan is a wonderful starting point, but it is the unexpected shapes and interplays between marks and colors that excite her. There is a playful element to her work and a sense of freedom. Sometimes, she refines the subject matter, and other times, she's motivated purely by the freedom of abstract art. Her surfaces are their own playgrounds, inviting her to experiment, imagine, and let the cares of the day melt away one brushstroke at a time. She likes to say art is a cheap therapist, but let’s be honest, stocking up on art supplies costs a pretty penny! Amy absolutely love creating works of art! She truly considers it to be an incredible blessing and gift. She hopes her work brings you and your wall space joy, surprise, and fun.

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