Meet Amy VanHoy


Meet Amy VanHoy


Meet Amy VanHoy


Tell us a little about yourself!
I am an abstract expressionist painter based in Houston. It was my first grade art teacher that initially noticed I had a natural ability toward art. He encouraged my parents to get me into art lessons. I studied Art and Business at The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, I embarked on a career in the business world, doing side art projects here and there. It wasn't until having our son, Jack, that I left the corporate world to pursue art and motherhood full time. I tell my friends and family that Jack is my new boss, and he is the most demanding (and adorable) boss I have ever had! 

What is inspiring you right now?
So many different things inspire me on a daily basis. Here lately, I have found working with pinks, deep turquoise, ultramarine blue, sap green and green gold to be this most delightful color palette. I am experimenting with these colors in all kinds of subject matter. I have also been really enjoying painting flat lay tablescapes. I like how the subject matter becomes somewhat abstracted when viewing it from above. 

What is your favorite thing to collect?
Ever since I was a teenager, I have been collecting Robert Sabuda pop-up books. I have dozens of them! I ask for one every year for Christmas. They are the most spectacular pop-up books I have ever seen -- opening each page is such a delightful surprise. 

What gives you the most joy?
My faith ultimately gives me the most joy. Even when times are difficult or challenging, I can lean into the peace of Christ that never lets me down! Outside of that, I find a lot of joy and happiness in the following: my family, the first cup of coffee in the morning, a clean house,  and gathering around the table with friends for dinner.

What habits help (or hinder) your creativity?
I love looking at other artists' work to see what's possible and get ideas, but I find if I look at it too much it can hinder my own personal creativity. If I am not careful, I can find myself wanting to emulate my favorite artists instead of focusing on my own creative practice and journey. For me, just going into the studio on a regular basis to work is the best thing for my creativity. I do my most effective work when I remove all pressure to create a "masterpiece" and just enjoy the process of creating. Sometimes, I just make a mess; but other times, magic happens! 

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Photo Credit: Hannah DeHart
By Tessa Ercoli

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