Artist Interview: Yvette Miller


Artist Interview: Yvette Miller

Artist Interview: Yvette Miller


Tell us a little about yourself: I'm an abstract artist based in London, England. I've been painting ever since I was a child as my late father was a cartoonist and so I inherited my love and passion for art from him. As I am self taught I love spending my time researching new ways to develop my art practice, so one day I can be found experimenting with mixing and creating new colours and then on another I could be researching new techniques for applying paint. I love learning and finding new ways to develop my work, I think that it's really important to not get stuck in a creative rut or become too complacent in what you do. There is always room for change and challenging yourself.

What is inspiring you right now?: Although I love using really bright colours in my work, I've recently become fascinated with handmade natural pigments created from different types of stones and rocks. The whole paint making process is so interesting to me, and I'm really tempted to create a collection of natural pigment paintings using paints that I've made myself.

What is your favorite thing to collect?: When I was younger I remember wanting to be a fashion designer after I saw my very first copy of Vogue magazine. I became totally obsessed with all the beautiful photos and fashion that was featured on each page. After all these years my love of Vogue has not faltered, and so I am now the proud owner of over 100 copies of the magazine. I would probably have more but my space doesn't permit, at the moment anyway!

What gives you the most joy?: Painting in my studio. My heart always feels like it's about to burst with joy when I do.

What habits help (or hinder) your creativity?: Consistency is a habit that drives my creativity. I make a habit of showing up and painting, whether I feel like it or not as I know that feelings are temporary. Sometimes you just got to get on with it, as you never know what can happen when you do.


Instagram handle: @yvettemillerart



By Tessa Ercoli

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