Artist Interview: Taylor Black


Artist Interview: Taylor Black


Artist Interview: Taylor Black


Tell us a little about yourself: I am an abstract contemporary painter and photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina. Raised in Mississippi, I have a natural gravitation towards warm tones and light. After receiving a BFA from Mississippi State University, my sense of adventure brought me to Charleston. My work is inspired by the historic textures and colors of Charleston dancing in morning and evening light. These pieces bring warm, charming color tones into a space as they guide you through the streets of downtown Charleston in non-traditional ways. I’m grateful to share this creative journey and hope my work brings joy and curiosity into your homes.

What is inspiring you right now?: The color Charleston Green has had my attention recently. I love exploring details of Charleston’s history - hearing stories about how this charming town has evolved and bringing historic colors and textures into my studio is such a fun way to connect with where I live! Traveling also refreshes me to see new things, so who knows, there may be a travel series in the future.

What is your favorite thing to collect?: It may be cliche, but I love new artwork. Having an array of artwork is such a fun way to capture memories, remember places you’ve traveled, and bring your home to life. Our home has a variety of styles: a piece of my grandmother’s art collection - a Vietnamese nativity print from 1979 she had framed in green velvet, a sepia toned photograph from a New Orleans artist I scooped up in Jackson Square, a handful of artist friends I’ve connected with over the years, and of course some of my own artwork. Buy the art you love and create your home for you!

What gives you the most joy?: I love people. Connecting with people lights me up! I am your girl to brainstorm and strategize on new projects, business ideas, food, art placement in your home ;)

What habits help (or hinder) your creativity?: Movement refreshes my senses so much. I find excitement in new things - a walk downtown absorbing the historic architecture, traveling to a new town, and often a spontaneous beach day paired with fish tacos gives me that reset I need to be creative. I think I thrive on pleasures. Like “hey, I’m craving sunshine or yummy food or spontaneity - let’s go! Then I’m happy. Now I create.” I think we all work this way honestly. Life’s too short - let’s find things that bring us joy!

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By Tessa Ercoli

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