Artist Interview: Mary Lynn Burke


Artist Interview: Mary Lynn Burke


Artist Interview: Mary Lynn Burke


Tell us a little about yourself
I am a mixed media artist based in Boston. I create calming, intuitive paintings, photography made with movement and saltwater cyanotypes developed within the sea. In August of 2021, after more than two years living abroad on the East Coast of New Zealand, our family returned to our Boston-area home at the meadow. It is evident that travel has inspired immense growth and offerings of peace within my soul and art. My current work is diverse as I explore mediums, styles and expressionism within emotional abstracts and landscapes. Dependent upon what I am exploring, my studio may be at home, at the beach or on location during travel.  

What is inspiring you right now?
Since I love to mix media, something I am really excited about right now is using my photographs within my paintings in a new way.  I love playing with light, movement and multiple exposures to capture the essence of a place and moment rather than purely the scene before me.  I see my photography, both traditional and alternative process, being infused within my paintings in ways that are new and exciting to me.

What is your favorite thing to collect?
By far, my favorite thing to collect is photographs, cameras and art supplies. I have collected such a vast library of photographs as I am rarely without my camera. I never forget a photograph that I’ve made and this helps me to keep memories all the more vivid.  I love the experimental side of art making and so I enjoy using expired film, vintage Polaroid cameras, Holga cameras and my professional camera for all the fun ways I can control the beautiful chaos in my process.

What gives you the most joy?
I feel the most joy during travel within new, epic landscapes alongside my family. With my camera in hand, hiking through mossy forests, boating through uninhabited waters, surfing gentle waves and being immersed in language and culture brings me to my happiest place.  Travel is a gift that offers the best of everything I love at once.  Nothing is better than the sound of laughter, squeals of joy and the moment of collective awe as we turn corners through this amazing planet together.

What habits help (or hinder) your creativity?
Self-care in the form of adequate rest, outdoor exercise and time alone for quiet reflection are key for my creativity.  Dedicating several hours per session to my creativity at once allows me ample time to go through important rituals in my warm-up and clean-up in my home studio. These are sacred and important for my mindset in approaching my art.  I am also finding that once I get into the flow of a project, I have a difficult time moving away from my work. I’m learning to set boundaries and to take advantage of the big blocks of time on my calendar in advance.  It takes so much pressure off, knowing I have studio time set aside on my schedule. In my studio, I’m like a child at play who never wants to be called indoors.

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By Tessa Ercoli

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