Artist Interview: Allison Jones Hunt


Artist Interview: Allison Jones Hunt


Artist Interview: Allison Jones Hunt


Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a full-time artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I paint emotive and colorful abstract paintings in a sun-filled home studio with a view of the Sandia Mountains. My creative process harnesses mindfulness, intuition, and somatic expression—read: frequent dance parties—to channel my emotions and the energy of the world around me. I’m a firm believer that all emotions are creative emotions, and that good art can come from both our soaring heights and shadowy depths.

What is inspiring you right now?: I'm currently inspired by the idea of surrender—letting go of what I think SHOULD be happening and opening to what is actually happening. This is coming into my creative process, but in a larger sense is inspiring growth in every area of my life. I've spent a lot of my life grappling with perfectionism and having very clear goals for how I want each stage of my life to unfold, and while that has certainly led me to a beautiful life, I'm getting curious about how surrendering to the flow of life may bring me more joy and ease. As an intuitive painter, I truly believe that my creative process has given me this gift that is now being applied to my relationships, to my emotional life, and to my greater purpose.

What is your favorite thing to collect?: New paint colors and art supplies! Since I don't go into a painting with a color story in mind, I like to have a wide variety of out-of-the tube colors to inspire me. While I still mix colors (on and off the canvas) I enjoy having a full spectrum of colors that I can use to reflect what I'm feeling in the moment without slowing down my process.

What gives you the most joy?: True connection—specifically the conversations I have with other creative people about the highs and lows of an artist's life, and the powerful moments of intimacy when I share my experiences with queerness, disability, addiction, mental health, and other topics that can carry stigma. I love pushing past those social norms to find that sparkly core of truth, even with people I just met. It makes me feel alive, and is such a potent antidote to the superficial connections we can spend a lot of time on with social media and small talk.

What habits help (or hinder) your creativity?: I am a firm believer in a morning habit stack. If I leave my healthy habits to chance, odds are they won't happen! That's why I have a routine of things I do every morning, as soon as I wake up, one leading into the other: tongue scraping, full-body dry brushing, taking my dogs out and watering my garden in the morning light, meditation in the infrared sauna, a cold shower, followed by a healthy breakfast with my mental health meds. It sets the tone of my day! I am in the process of developing a similar habit stack in the evening, but the morning one has become automatic and reengages my commitment to myself every day—which then carries over into my time in the studio.

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By Tessa Ercoli

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