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Bethany Bowyer Khan


Bethany Bowyer Khan


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am the founder of Arcadian Revival, a sustainable design and lifestyle company. An Ohio native, I spent a decade living and working in New York City before moving Upstate New York with my young family. I worked for years in government and real estate development before turning my career toward something more creative. 


How would you describe your style as it relates to fashion, art, interiors, etc.

Classic, timeless, historic at times. I pride myself on items in my closet that have been around for years. Maybe even a bit serious, or at least educational. I believe spaces provide opportunities to teach us, so I like filling a space with pieces that have a story, or some significance. I try to make up for that approach perhaps with a very casual way of listening to people, of connecting, or using that space. 

If you look in my closet you'll find shades of hunter greens, burgundies, denim, wool...and if I'm being honest an extensive collection of turtlenecks and sweaters. Regardless of any style I believe in bringing warmth and comfort into a space.
My design style is also inspired by living sustainably and with a global perspective. I love using color schemes, patterns, textures, and organic pieces derived from nature. I use antiques and other existing items for this reason too. 
Much of my design aesthetic was born out growing up in a century home in the midwest with a slew of antiques and gut renovations that I enjoyed being a part of as a child. As I grew older, pieces from other parts of the world inspired me and I love the idea of bringing various cultures and perspectives into our home. 
What's inspiring you these days? 
The call to combat climate change, and to cultivate a home that represents values that my husband and I care to instill in our children. The focus on connecting with nature, of community and various cultures and perspectives, the value placed on self-edification. 
Arcadian Revival came out of this desire to live more intentionally, closer to nature, and more in tune with the community around us. 
What's your favorite thing to collect? 
Books. Some because they're pieces of art themselves. Others because of the story, perspective, or culture they engrain in our home. I'll admit it's a Romantic hobby, but I love curating inspiration through the presence of books. 
What makes a house a home?
The people. The people define the design, the stories of lifetimes being told, of connections being made, of passions, of the passing of days. Home is the feeling that you get when you enter.
Read on for Bethany's favorite pieces from our inventory....
Edisto Island by Elizabeth Horne. This may be my favorite. The saltwater marks leave you feeling like you're there. I love that the viewer can be unsure of where this scene takes place. It leaves much to the imagination.
Favorite Chair by Bly Hack. I love the colors here. And every piece from this collection, really. I think being Upstate with our long winters makes the idea of a painting inside to view of those early first blooms of spring is motivating. 
Stay here by Kirsten Williams. This is all about color palette and texture. Classic and versatile color scheme that will work in so many spaces. 
Bright Light Sky by Alexandra Reed. Such a classic landscape for the Carolinas. This serene landscape reminds me of a visit to the area. A smaller size and perfect for many corners of the home.
Let's Float by Sarah Schools. I love the nostalgia and innocence here. I initially thought this would make sense for out of town guests to feel at ease, but my husband also suggested our childrens' rooms or bathroom. It just makes you feel wonderful.
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By Tessa Ercoli

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